Prospoly, a social enterprise cooperative

“Too small”, “Not enough money”, “Marginal”; This is how many people, steeped in the often dogmatic conventions of business, view the thousands of small businesses around the USA that are owned and operated by people in underserved communities. Business consultants, attracted by the promising revenues of high profit corporations, are almost unanimously unwilling to entertain the idea of assisting the “marginal” segment of the business community because these small businesses are “unattractive.” However, these businesses represent a huge chunk of our economy, especially in large and diverse cities such as Los Angeles. Why are these hard working business owners undeserving of business consulting services? Because they are considered too poor.

Prospoly is changing the conversation. We’re building a cooperative bridge to connect underserved small businesses with affordable business consulting in a variety of disciplines including: accounting, management, operations, marketing, and finance. These services are performed by recent business school graduates who are eager and willing to bring their fresh ideas and perspectives to receptive business owners. Marginalized business owners get the consulting they need to help grow or optimize their organizations, while recent graduates gain valuable, meaningful paid experience.

Prospoly is a social enterprise, that means that we’re not a charity. Prospoly is a self sustaining business founded specifically to help “marginalized” small businesses grow, while extending meaningful work to recent university graduates.

At Prospoly we don’t believe that any business is “too small”. We provide a variety of consulting packages to fit almost any budget. Businesses that opt to join the Prospoly cooperative gain valuable access to a variety of business related services in addition to ongoing maintenance consulting.

Prospoly believes in prosperity for everyone. Our bridge will help to make that happen. If you’re a small business owner and you want to know more about how Prospoly can help to grow your business, feel free to contact us today.

Also check out our inspirational video that visually details our mission:

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