Prospoly + Technology = A New Way to Consult and Do Business

Consulting to small, low revenue businesses in underserved communities, and doing so while making a profit, is a challenging venture. Thats why here at Prospoly we’re developing innovative new technologies to streamline and cut the costs of traditional consulting activities.

We’re leveraging the power of cutting edge technologies such as IOT (Internet Of Things), machine learning, and blockchain in order to automate, organize, and secure as many steps in the consulting process as possible.

IOT (Internet Of Things)

The availability and low cost of networked sensor and automation technology make measurement and tracking of finances, systems, operations, human resources, and consumers easier than ever before. Prospoly is developing IOT technologies such as:

  • Point of Sale systems that work on or offline and have the capability to track sales, expenses, customer data, send e-reciepts and interface with specific financial consultants for analysis.
  • Business monitors that collect environmental and other sensor data that can be analyzed and correlated with other data (such as financial transactions).
  • Vision technology that can be used to document operations and customer flows to be used in optimization procedures.
  • Menu boards and information kiosks that can be accessed and updated through the internet or a private network.

Machine Learning and AI

Now more accessible than ever, AI offers Prospoly new and far more efficient ways to analyze all types of data, from financial transactions to images and video. The machine learning technologies currently being explored by Prospoly include:

  • visual analysis to count customers or even quickly gather simple demographic data.
  • financial analysis to look for and alert business owners and consultants to accounting errors or even suspicious activity.


Blockchain is not only for cryptocurrency, it is a viable business technology. Prospoly is actively using blockchain to develop a comprehensive network that will connect diverse businesses to consultants, investors, lenders, banks, distributors, and even customers. Blockchain gives the Prospoly network the advantages of:

  • Transparency between members
  • Security of sensitive data
  • Confidentiality when desirable
  • Superior record keeping and data provenance