The Cooperative Model

Prospoly (the parent company) is a for-profit stock corporation that owns and licenses its intellectual property and organizational structure to cooperatives of consultants who provide services in underserved communities. The flagship cooperative is Prospoly of San Fernando Valley (PSFV) that has been established by California State University of Northridge (CSUN) Students. This team of students are also the founding members of the parent corporation.

PSFV is a cooperative that is owned by the consultants and small businesses that participate. The cooperative model is especially beneficial because it creates a cohesive community that members benefit from for the duration of their membership. Small business members receive ongoing maintenance consulting along with access to resources and tools to help them thrive. Consultant members are able to interact with small business owners and other consultants to propose innovative ideas to the collective and request assignment to various jobs.

In addition to the business and consultant members, the Prospoly structure includes management members and investor members. Management members are responsible for the day to day operations of the cooperative, including overseeing and approving consulting plans to be presented to business members. Investor members are members who bring working capital to the cooperative.

Benefits extended to all Prospoly members

  • Access to enterprise software and hardware.
  • Access to the Prospoly Social Network.
  • Access to equipment and resources dedicated to the general membership.
  • Access to workshops and events such as guest speakers.