The Team

Maria Sim (Founder and Accounting Expert)

Maria Sim is a senior accounting student at CSUN. She has extensive practical experience in bookkeeping and financial planning. Maria is deeply involved in the community because she believes small businesses are the core of the American economy. She has worked as a community organizer and volunteer for over sixteen years. She is highly organized and a natural leader.

Elsa Wahlström (Business Psychology)

Elsa Vahlström is a senior student at California State University, Northridge, she is pursuing a major is Business Management and minor is Psychology. The purpose of her degree is to be able to better understand how corporate changes impact employees. She was born and raised in Sweden, she came to America in 2014 after working as a general manager for a health club in Norway for six years. It was during her time as a manager that she found her interest for understanding how group dynamics change along with corporate changes.

Jesus Suarez (Finance and Financial Analysis)

Jesus Suarez is studying Finance with an emphasis in Financial Analysis at California State University Northridge. He was born in the small town of Ahualulco, Jalisco and has been residing in the greater San Fernando Valley for over 10 years. At the tender age of 6 Jesus grew an affinity for entrepreneurship; wanting to own his own convenience store in his hometown, after working at a relatives grocery store. This entrepreneurship desire hasn’t left, he is now working towards starting his own food truck and income tax firm. To bring fair priced services to marginalized communities.

Maria Contreras Zavala (Finance and Small Business Relations)

Maria Contreras came to the United States in as an elementary student in 2001. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Insurance and Financial Services with a minor in Entrepreneurship and will graduate in 2018. Her goal is to inform and assist low to middle-income families with financial planning services such as life insurance, college education funding, and retirement plans that will help to secure their futures. After graduation Maria plans to become a Certified Financial Planner, and return to CSUN for the Accelerated Collaborative Teacher (ACT) Preparation Program in Spring 2019 to pursue a teaching credential.

Gabriel N. Perez (Marketing / Media / Technology)

Gabriel Perez is a senior marketing student at CSUN’s David Nazarian School of Business and Economics. Over twenty years of experience in engineering, technology, and trades coupled with a number of creative and artistic endeavors have contributed to Gabriel’s diverse skill set. Gabriel believes that diversity, creativity, and technology will save the world. He is a staunch and vocal supporter of society’s underdogs and refuses to support the promotion of greed or excess.