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Prospoly’s purpose is to improve the lives’ of immigrant business
owners by providing community-driven solutions using a bridge of student collaboration.

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    Junior Consultants

    In order to ensure the Prospoly team fully meets the needs of small business owners, Prospoly conducts a matching process to connect the microbusinesses to a Junior Consultant who will deliver the services selected.

    Partners and Supporters

    The Prospoly team would like to thank all of the community partners and supporters who have made our work possible.

    USC Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab - Social Venture Coaching Competition 

    The relationship between consultant and client
    is the key to success

    Meet the talent

    Our Team

    The Prospoly team has combined expertise in social entrepreneurship, business, communications and passion for our community.

    All of our members share experiences and stories that connect with our clients.

    The team has the cultural competency and knowledge to work with the businesses and students around our communities.

    Prospoly is a team that is ready to make a difference.